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Pure Island Sol

“I AM”-Women’s “Beachy” Black Lava or Sandalwood Bead Bracelet

“I AM”-Women’s “Beachy” Black Lava or Sandalwood Bead Bracelet

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This unique handmade bracelet will transport you to distant shores and get you in the island-vibe with its beachy black lava and mermaid beads. Infuse your day with your favorite essential oils; plus, be inspired with “I AM”. Enjoy a touch of the islands wherever you go!🌈

Positive thinking and love are two things that can change the world. I created “I AM” to remind myself that I am capable of anything. 

“I AM”… strong, brave, important and loved.

                                             Most of all “I AM”!

Each time you look at your bracelet, say something kind about yourself and watch the magic begin.

Spreading Peace, Love and Sunshine one bracelet at a time!


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